Get America Working! (GAW!) 

is a non-profit national organization whose mission is to create millions of jobs through structural changes in the U.S. economy


Recent government data on employment is trending positive and the unemployment rate is down to below 4 percent.  But with  with more than 6.5 million Americans still "officially" unemployed and many millions more who would seek jobs if they were more readily available, the time has come for a national debate about job creation and how we get to fuller employment.

With more good jobs available, many of the country's most significant social ills will be greatly diminished. We will see less crime and violence, fewer disengaged young people, less drug use, and a healthier population overall. Furthermore, the country will experience sustained, substantial, and faster economic growth; the environment will benefit greatly; and a larger tax base, combined with lessened dependency and social dysfunction, will allow tax rates to fall.



Our Mission

The purpose of Get America Working! is to help America see how it could expand the percentage of its population in the workforce dramatically. By thus giving tens of millions the choice to work, these people would live happier lives, the economy would grow far more robustly, and the cost of the country’s severe social ills and large dependent population would decline.

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the Problem

We Suffer Mass Under- and Unemployment

America can significantly gear up its economy in only one way: by offering work to the under- and unemployed portion of its adult population that is healthy and not institutionalized (i.e., not in school, the military or prison). This non-working segment of the population is surprisingly large –- much larger than the 6 million Americans officially labeled as "unemployed" by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) See: Employment Situation Summary.

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