Payroll Tax Has Become A Monster: It needs to be replaced
Opinion by Eugene Ludwig, Newsweek, July 11,2019

Rosy Jobs Reports Are Misleading: Crisis is coming, and fixes are few
The Hill,  Dec. 18, 2018  

The Problem with Cuomo's Payroll Tax
Gotham Gazette,  April 10, 2018

New York, Shift Tax Burden Away from Employment, not towards it
The Hill,  March 28, 2018  
This opinion piece is by Get America Working consultant, Stephen Kent. It addresses the attempt by New York State to protect its taxpayers from the impacts of the new federal cap on deductibility of state and local taxes. 

Payroll taxes, not income taxes mean more to many households 
Marketplace, November 2, 2017
Much of the discussion around tax reform these last few weeks has focused on income tax and details like tax brackets and tax rates. Meanwhile, 40 percent of taxpayers don’t pay any income tax, while almost all of them see a payroll tax come out of their paychecks. It’s usually listed as FICA and helps fund Social Security and Medicare.  Listen to the story >>

Telling Truth to Tax Reformers
The Hill  
March 6, 2017
Editor's Note: This opinion piece is by Get America Working! founder Bill Drayton.
Unfortunately, the employment crisis President Trump evoked in his speech to Congress is not fake news; it’s very real. But there is a way to avoid all the old fights and turn it around. Mass joblessness exists notwithstanding low official U.S. unemployment. The President told Congress an under-...Read More >>

Rethinking how Social Security is financed to foster job growth
The Hill  October 13, 2016
Editor's Note: In this bi-partisan blog post, former Republican Senator and Labor Secretary Bill Brock and Democratic Leadership Council founder Al From discuss Get America Working!'s framework change for tax reform.    As thoroughly frustrating as this presidential race has been, its... Read More >>

Payroll Tax: Employment Taxes Fall Globally, But Remain ‘Surprisingly High,' Study Finds
Bureau of National Affairs   March 1, 2016
Editor's Note:  This news story about a report on global payroll taxes states, "Not only could the high employer costs undermine efforts to cut unemployment, they could adversely affect real incomes, hamper labor market flexibility and make it very difficult for firms to take advantage of...Read More >>

Making a fair deal on carbon
Boston Globe    January 15, 2016
Former Secretary of Energy Chu is one of a number of Republican and Democratic officials, scientists and economists calling for a revenue neutral carbon tax to address climate change.  He notes, " No new bureaucracies should be created to return the proceeds, and refund mechanisms can be done through decreases in withholding, or payroll,...Read More >>

Benefits for the Rest of Us: The growing ranks of contingent workers need a new deal.
Washington Monthly
    January 1, 2016
Steven Hill describes the changing US labor force with increasing numbers of workers being contract or "gig" workers with no benefits.  These workers have no company to pay half of their payroll taxes. They pay it all, further lowering their wages. Read More >>

The Problem With Eliminating the Payroll Tax: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz want to end the payroll tax, but haven't explained what comes next.
US News & World Report    December 28, 2015
American Enterprise Institute economist, Allan Viard, describes both the downsides of payroll taxes and the need to protect funding support for Social Security and Medicare if they are to be cut.  Get America Working!'s answer is to tax pollution and resource waste, with a Carbon Tax being one of the easiest approaches -- with multiple...Read More >>

Tax Reform to Warm Less and Work More
Reuters     December 15, 2015
The climate agreement reached in Paris is a great leap forward, but it’s widely acknowledged that it lacks specificity about how we’ll achieve the aspiration to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The mechanisms by which the US (and other countries) will accomplish it remain to be worked out.  While US negotiators...Read More >>

Why not cut the payroll tax?
National Review    February 13, 2015
Conservatives are having a healthy debate about the design of an effective and appealing tax-reform program. Republican senators Mike Lee and Marco Rubio have proposed a sweeping plan that is the focal point of the discussion.  Read More >>

Raise the gas tax. A lot.
Washington Post    January 8, 2015
Editor's note:  In this article Charles Krauthammer, a conservative concerned about US reliance on imported oil, makes the case for a gas tax increase to be used to cut payroll taxes. He notes,  "It’s win-win. Employment taxes are a drag on job creation. Reducing them not only promotes growth but advances fairness, FICA being a... Read More >>

2015’s Winning Coalition
CSR Wire   January 7, 2015
Editor's note:  In this article, economist and journalist Hazel Henderson points out the diverse political forces that "want taxes shifted away from incomes and payrolls to all kinds of pollution and other activities harming human health and community wellbeing." The incoming Republican Congress in the United States, elected by the smallest...Read More >>

The Right Tax Now Has the Right Time
Washington Post, January 5, 2015
Editor's Note:  Former Treasury Secretary and Harvard Economist L. Summers argues the reduction in oil prices "makes it possible to impose a substantial carbon tax without burdening consumers" and suggests "a meaningful reduction in the payroll tax" as an option for using the revenues.       The case for carbon taxes... Read More >>

Work More and Warm Less: Integrating Jobs and Climate Solutions
Triple Pundit, September 24, 2014
As citizens and world leaders converge on New York City seeking a way to address climate change, across the U.S. tens of millions are also out of work. The political challenge of achieving a climate policy consensus is hard. There is no broad agreement that the U.S. even has a climate problem. But there is bedrock consensus that we have an... Read More >>

Let's Give Labor Its Day ... And Its Due
LinkedIn Influencer, September 1, 2014
Editor's Note:  In this blog post Get America Working's Senior Economic Adviser makes the case for increasing working American's wages by giving them a rebate against their payroll taxes -- a measure that would also boost job creation.  Today marks 120 years of celebrating Labor Day as a national holiday, acknowledging the contributions... Read More >>

The Great Shrinking Workforce
Businessweek, July 24, 2014
Editor's Note - We would note that many Americans laid off in the Great Recession who were eligible for Social Security took that "retirement" as a lifeline, not a preference for not working. So, the number of of adults not working or looking for work is worse than even this article assumes. In 2007, 66 percent of American adults were either... Read More >>

From Putin, a Blessing in Disguise

New York Times

March 18, 2014

Editor's Note: In this piece Mr. Friedman suggests a revenue neutral tax shift -- imposing a tax on carbon to reduce payroll or corporate taxes -- as part of a clean energy strategy. We would note that this shift with a payroll tax offset is also a job creation strategy. There are a lot of people who seem intent on restarting the Cold War — in...


Enough Stuck Economies!

LinkedIn Influencer

March 11, 2014

What would you do as a leader if the costs of your workforce went down 17 percent? And if, at the same time, the cost of all your other inputs (energy, materials, land, pollution) went up by roughly the same amount? Together these two shifts would change the relative price of people versus things, any economy’s most basic tradeoff, by roughly 35...


It's time for Republicans to attack payroll taxes

Washington Examiner

February 27, 2014

 When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney infamously wrote off much of the electorate at a 2012 fundraising event, he argued that, “47 percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn't connect.” Given that attitude, it isn't surprising that President Obama trounced Romney...



Problems with Economic Indicators: Leave the big numbers to Janet Yellen

National Public Radio: Marketplace

February 12, 2014

Editor’s Note: NPR’s Marketplace is 25 years old. They are doing a series called 25 for 25. This is the first – looking at economic indicators points out the undercount of the BLS "unemployment" statistic.  The article below is much condensed from the full interview which you can listen to using the link above.    There's a...


Ignore the Unemployment Rate. There's a better jobs indicator.

National Public Radio: Marketplace

February 6, 2014

Editor's Note: Get America Working! has long argued that the official monthly "unemployment" statistic is a significant undercount. We think the labor force participation rate is more informative. Here's another perspective. You can listen to this radio story at the link above. This is a transcript. The monthly jobs report comes out tomorrow....


A Carbon Tax that America Could Live With

New York Times

August 31, 2013

This summer, the Obama administration released the President’s Climate Action Plan. It is a grab bag of regulations and policy initiatives aimed at reducing the nation’s carbon emissions, which many scientists believe contribute to global warming. This got me to thinking: What might I do to reduce my own carbon emissions? Here are some...